Reprinted from MUGWUMPS, Vol. 2, No. 2, March 1973

If you have never "Whimmy-diddled," it is never too late to learn. You take the Diddle stick and stroke the notched Whimmy to cause the propellers to turn. Advanced Whimmy-Diddling is where you can stop the spinning and start again in the reverse direction. The double-barreled model, an advanced design from Tennessee, gives one the opportunity to cause both propellers to go in the same direction or in opposite directions simultaneously.

From the 1/2 Lyre, published by the Detroit Folklore Society, comes the "advanced" version, "Double-Whammy-Diddle" (or Whimmy-Diddle). Our thanks to Carolyn Montgomery, for both the drawing and instructions.

See also Making a Gee-Haw-Whammy-Diddle
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